10 Fashion Editors Share Their Essential Winter Items

As editors, we test out a lot of things, from dozens of seemingly identical white T-shirts to every last denim wash, rise, and silhouette. And with all that trial and error comes a level of know-how that’s extremely hard to beat. So when an editor has a fashion item (or three) that they really, truly couldn’t live without—we’re talking ride-or-die pieces—it’s usually a good idea to trust them and subsequently follow their lead. 

Knowing all too well how true this phenomenon is, when it came to picking out the winter essentials that really matter this year, I knew I had to seek out help from my fellow editors—the ones who tried every last option before eventually settling on a favorite. Suffice to say, they didn’t disappoint. Keep scrolling to find out the desert-island fashion items that 10 of my co-workers swear by.

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