11 Winter Perfumes That Are Perfect for the Season

Winter is near, and it’s one of our favorite times of the year. Not only is the season chock-full of holidays, but the cooler temperature also lends itself to new opportunities for layering coats, scarves, and boots to our heart’s content. Another wardrobe component that gets extra consideration during the equinox is our perfume choice. After all, we’ll need scents that won’t get smothered under all those clothes, and, of course, that smell as chic as we look.

Just in time for the turn of the season, we hit up some of our most fashionable friends to get their hot takes on the olfactory goodness they’re already loving for winter. From woodsy scents to intricate florals, and even some unexpected scent cocktails, our trusty clique gave us the lowdown on the perfumes they’ll be spritzing until the L.A. rain goes away.

Ahead, find the 11 that made the cut and where to get them.

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