20 New Shoes on an Editor’s Wish List

Fun fact about me (even if it’s not all that unique): I really love shoes. And when new pairs begin arriving for the forthcoming season, I find myself browsing them on a daily basis. As you know, the forthcoming season is spring, and seeing that it’s now officially February, it’s the perfect time to at least start thinking about which pairs you’ll want to be wearing come May (or sooner, hopefully). 

I spent several hours compiling a list of new shoes that I’m considering adding to my collection (although I regretfully can’t have them all, so I must narrow it down drastically). I that realize when you don’t shop for a living, it can be a bit overwhelming to know what’s worth buying for the new season, so I’m sharing my list of new shoes with you. Narrowing it down from there is up to you though. Scroll to spring into shoe shopping (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

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