23 Cute Shearling Jackets the Fashion Set Loves

Spotting emerging trends in their infancy is my specialty, but I usually wait a bit for them to properly blow up before officially calling it out. Today I’m breaking that principle because the latest piece to grace my computer screen is simply too pervasive to ignore.

Shearling jackets aren’t anything new by any means, but when everyone from luxury brands like Jacquemus and Miu Miu to affordable retailers like Zara and Mango keep coming out with their own iterations, you know you’re onto something big. Which is exactly why, only one month into 2022, I’m crowning the biker shearling jacket the coat of the moment. 

One reason why I’m so fervently behind this piece? It strikes the perfect balance between practically cozy and aesthetically interesting. So no more choosing between wearing that unsightly parka or freezing into a solid block of ice. If you’re already on board, keep scrolling to shop 23 of the best shearling coats on the market, along with some of my bookmarked styling inspiration. 

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