30 Under-$25 Urban Outfitters Accessories That’ll Sell Out

I may not be in Urban Outfitters‘ key age demographic anymore, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a good UO shopping trip. Pretty much everything it stocks is fun and trendy, so I always enjoy browsing the new arrivals. But there’s one category, in particular, that always brings me the most joy to peruse: accessories. And I’m always pleasantly surprised by how affordable they all are.

Just for fun, I narrowed the accessories section down to just $25 and under, and there were still hundreds to choose from. But you’re probably not going to order hundreds of accessories from Urban Outfitters, so why even look at all of them when you have me to do just that? Below, I chose 30 under-$25 Urban Outfitters that get the fashion editor stamp of approval. And my pro tip is not to ponder too much because the best Urban Outfitters items are known to go quickly, especially when they’re as wallet-friendly as these are.

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