7 Legging Trends That Feel Surprisingly Fresh in 2022

Whenever I stop and think about leggings, flashbacks from my high school wardrobe full of Lululemon leggings paired with Nike socks and Birkenstock sandals flood my brain. But recently, after seeing the way that fashion’s finest have elevated the once über-casual silhouette, I’ve begun to rethink my former distaste for the style. In fact, I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that leggings might actually be cool again, especially the pairs I’ve spotted in 2022.

From split-hem styles paired with skinny-heeled boots to stirrup alternatives strapped to loafers, today’s legging trends aren’t even comparable to the ones we all frequented back in the mid-2010s. And to prove it to you, I rounded up all of the most impressive styles on the market right now. After a few scrolls, I think you’ll come to agree with me that leggings are worthy of a second chance.

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