A Wedding Bloggers Guide to the Top 15 Wedding Blogs for 2022

What are the best wedding blogs to follow this year? Do a Google search and you’ll find that there are 100s 1000’s of blogs providing resources to find great wedding vendors, wedding planning tips, and of course, to view all the beautiful dresses, floral designs, and breathtaking venues you can handle.

“Best blog” is a matter of taste. We assume you’ve checked out Love & Lavender’s wedding blog, and sincerely hope you find our site entertaining and helpful! It’s certainly a labor of love, and we happen to think it’s pretty awesome. But we may be biased.

Let me be upfront about this: it is super hard to narrow down a huge list into a tiny roundup post. Ultimately, there are many wonderful wedding blogs online that are well done. I think it would be impossible for any one person to stay on top of reading them all!

Some blogs will be style specific, others will be geographic specific, or in our case a bit more general with the content and topics that we produce for our audience. That being said, we chose our top blog contenders based on three main (highly subjective) criteria:

  • Does the blog consistently produce super useful content?
  • Are the wedding ideas one that you can really sink your teeth into?
  • Staying on trend with useful advive for weddings in 2022

As with most things in life where there is a vast choice available, I recommend browsing many wedding blog websites to try them on for size. Then, follow the bloggers that you connect with on a personal level. Maybe it is their tone of voice in how they write, or the fact that they create great video content.

Whatever the case, I think a good rule is to follow around 10 wedding blogs to help you in your wedding journey!


Best Wedding Blogs

What Will Weddings Look Like in 2022?

First, let’s make some predictions for next year!!

  • We predict 2022 will be all about sustainable, eco-friendly weddings.
  • You’ll see sentimental, personal touches in decor and themes.
  • We anticipate an uptick in weddings with artisanal touches.
  • We think there will be a meteoric rise of inclusive wedding styles tailored to people of all creeds, colors, shapes, and sexuality.

Get ready to think outside the box folks, next year is gonna be a fantastic year to throw a wedding!

We’ve given a shout-out to some of these wedding blogs before (check out our article on top wedding magazines). Those we didn’t highlight have been climbing the charts.

You’ll find some amazing wedding blogs below (in no particular order). Sit back, relax, and lose yourself in flowers and fairy lights!

1. Bridal Musings

The buying guides are excellent on Bridal Musings. You can find resources on where to find veils and accessories, wedding favors and supplies, and a comprehensive guide to the best websites for booking your honeymoon.

The planning section is really helpful, while the “real talk” column offers up content on how to solve awkward wedding issues. Like how to gently let your mom know she’s not actually your wedding planner and how to cultivate a healthy relationship with your wedding vendors.

2. Martha Stewart Weddings

martha stewart weddings home page

Of course Martha Stewart has a fantastic wedding blog. Well balanced, with lots of helpful advice on everything from addressing coronavirus wedding snags, to fascinating wedding rituals, to celeb wedding info. Because let’s face it, it’s fun to take a peek into what a celebrity wedding looks like.

3. LGBT Weddings

lgbtweddings home page

We adore this site; it exudes all things beauty and love. The warmth and authenticity that emanates from its content is so moving.

Check out the wedding advice from Auntie Gwen. She’s a wellspring of knowledge. Scroll down, and you’ll see fantastic advice on genuine questions. Things like: “Should we do half fake flowers and half fresh for our bouquets and centerpieces, or will people notice? Does it seem tacky?”

These are the real questions real people have about their real weddings. Invaluable information that will help you in every step of the planning process.

They supply vendor contacts for LGBT-friendly businesses, and we DARE you to read the Real Weddings page without crying tears of joy. Dare you.

4. The Budget Savvy Bride

budget savvy bride home page

Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes! Resources on throwing a wedding on a budget are priceless, even if your budget is pretty sizable. If that’s the case, congrats! If not, Budget Savvy Bride offers super practical advice on budgeting, saving moola, DIY, and more.

Our favorite part of the site is where they showcase real weddings on a budget, that is, weddings that were planned on budgets of $25,000 or less. Filter by your budget, color theme, what season you’re planning on marrying, and the state in which you’re getting married. It’s unbelievably useful.

5. MunaLuchi Bride

munaluchibridal.com home page

A specialized resource for brides of color, MunaLuchi provides fantastic resources and stunning photoshoots for everything- from engagement photo sessions to all things bridal fashion.

We love their section on where to find black-owned wedding vendors in your area and their shop page where you can pick up a print copy of their magazine. Oh, and you’ll get lost in their wedding inspiration section for hours. So. Much. Beautiful.

6. Pretty Pear Bride

pretty pear bride home page

This site has brilliant resources and inspiration for plus size fashion and accessories and a great blog, including content about relationships. You’ll find advice on topics like how to manage your money together. There are also pre-wedding topics like how to drop hints to your partner about engagement.

Pretty Pear Bride also offers fantastic advice on self-esteem and body consciousness. We could all use a little boost of confidence as the wedding day approaches (and beyond).

7. Wedding Sparrow

wedding sparrow home page

Wedding Sparrow specializes in curating content for the “fine art” niche. If you’re unsure what that means, you’ll know it when you see the gorgeous photography and earthy, organic styled shoots.

If your style leans toward the artistic or you’re planning a boho wedding, this blog will provide tons of ideas. Hey, you might just find your dream wedding inspiration on Wedding Sparrow, it’s just that gorgeous of a blog.

8. Green Wedding Shoes

Green Wedding Shoes home page

If you’ve had your finger on the pulse of trending wedding resources, you’ll no doubt have come across Green Wedding Shoes.

They offer such a massive array of content for your wedding planning, it’s dizzying! Travel, DIY, vendor guides, wellness, fashion, beauty, wedding photography – we could go on and on. The great thing about all that selection is it gives you valuable information on things you may not have thought to be prepared for.

For instance, most of us put a lot of focus on the big entrance down the aisle, right? What about making your big exit? What music will you play? Out with a bang or a quiet retreat? It’s definitely stuff to ponder.

9. Ruffled

Ruffledblog.com home page

Ruffled is a blog all about destination weddings, which is one of our favorite kinds of blogs to read because it’s always fun to dream! Every theme you can find, from whimsical to elopements are represented, and they provide plenty of inspiration if you’re preparing to host your own wedding. 

As are the sections located on the website for wedding ideas and DIY wedding projects. The DIY projects aren’t limited to weddings either, there are plenty of DIY projects for extras like bridal showers. There’s even an article on creating DIY elements for a great New Year’s Eve party wedding!

10. A Practical Wedding

Apracticalwedding.com home page

The edgy and very, very practical content on this site won us over immediately. Their advice column is particularly helpful for soon-to-be-wed couples. Common issues such as etiquette for save-the-dates or how to politely request a ban on social media are represented, but some of the articles we found most valuable actually addressed things that are anything but common. 

For example, how do you navigate dress shopping if you’ve chosen not to shave your body hair? 

WTF right? Why should anyone care? Haven’t we gotten past this? Shouldn’t a bride be honored exactly as he or she is? Well, turns out lots of people care. Stories of dirty looks from store staff and the dress-selection entourage over a woman’s unshaven body are saddening. 

We loved reading it because the article raised a lot of interesting points about things like the boundaries of “wedding dress shopping etiquette” and a bride’s right to do as she pleases when she pleases.

And to that, we say well done, A Practical Wedding. Well done. 

11. One Fab Day

One Fab Day home page

Loving the Irish roots, One Fab Day features a super-comprehensive section devoted specifically to dresses, formal menswear, and accessories of all kinds. We could get lost in this wonderland of wedding makeup, hair, shoes, and even flower girl and page boy looks. 

They highlight some beautiful real weddings and give some helpful planning ideas. We like the useful info on speeches, venues, music selection, and more. 

12. 100 Layer Cake

100 layer cake home page

Though it’s a wedding-centric site, showcasing things like up and coming wedding trends and providing information on venues and vendors in your area, 100 Layer Cake also features a family blog with things like inspo for children’s birthday themes, baby showers, and maternity photos. After all, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carrier. (No one seems to use carriages anymore.)

13. Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

whimsical wonderland weddings home page

Whimsical weddings are among our faves, and we think Louise does an awesome job featuring the diverse themes that fall under the whimsical wedding umbrella. The site branches out to showcase some other styles and venues as well, but the articles spotlighting unconventional color themes, venue ideas, and whimsical details keep us browsing for hours. 

14. Bridal Guide

Bridal Guide is a completely comprehensive wellspring of content for all things wedding. They also offer plenty of really useful planning tips for literally everything matrimony-related. We like the bridal shows and special events resources, as well, where they provide information on where to find bridal expos, trunk shows, and sales on designer dresses in your neck of the woods. 

Their section on bridal beauty contains a sub-section on healthcare tips, which we think is really helpful, too. So often, we forget to take care of ourselves during the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding. It’s nice to get the reminder!

15. Style Me Pretty

style me pretty home page

As the saying goes, last but not least is our perennial wedding blog favourite – StyleMePretty!

In addition to wedding planning and ideas, Style Me Pretty features an entire section on their site devoted to lifestyle blogs. Articles on interior design, beauty and fashion, entertaining, and more provide interesting content beyond wedding dresses and venues. 

There’s even a lifestyle section with articles on travel and fitness. The advice column covers everything from tips on choosing wallpaper for your bathroom to breaking your phone addiction. 

Style me Pretty also has an online shop where you can purchase wedding stationery, decor, accessories, swag for the wedding party, and seasonal decor. One-stop-shop!

Viva La Wedding BlogLand!

Wedding blogs will always be just a Google search away. The content is only getting better and better. So take your time, and enjoy!

When planning your fantasy wedding, gorgeous inspiration photography, real wedding stories, and beneficial information is so much fun to peruse.

Try to make creating your personal wedding experience as stress-free as possible, and savor every moment. After all, you only get to do it once!

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