An Honest Review of Kolorete Cosmetics Organic Lipsticks

When I asked Vizmanos about the brand’s origin story, she told me that it was her lifelong dream to start her own lipstick brand. “Four years ago, when I moved to the United States from the Philippines, the very first thing that I noticed was the lack of Filipino representation in the beauty industry considering that, statistically, Filipinos are the second-largest Asian group in this country,” she said. This inspired the name of the brand, as kolorete means lipstick in Tagalog.

“By seeing Kolorete in the field, I aspire every Filipino, especially immigrants like me, to stand proud, pursue their dreams, and feel they belong in whichever country they choose to settle in,” she added. The brand’s mission is all about “changing the way that luxury looks” and is focused on inclusivity, representation, and recognition for everyone. 

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