Copper Hair Is My Obsession—Here Are My 15 Favorite Examples

A while back, I professed my deep and undying love for red hair. I also professed that I was considering whether or not I should officially take the leap and book the appointment that would transition my “bronde” color over to an eye-catching shade of red. Spoiler: I haven’t yet. (I’m just not the kind of person who does things spontaneously. Changing my hair color requires a lot of time, research, and overthinking on my part.)

Even though I haven’t made the switch, my obsession with red hair has progressed even further. These days, I’m looking past the soft, muted shades of red and focusing all of my attention on simmering shades of copper. I’ve even made an inspiration board of sorts, featuring some of my favorite copper-haired celebrities. Keep scrolling to see my 15 favorite examples of copper hair.

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