REN Clean Skincare is officially 100% zero waste

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  • The sustainable brand is starting the year off right

    REN Clean Skincare has always been at the forefront of sustainable beauty.  Thats why, when the brand announced that it  has reached its zero waste goal earlier this month, it came as no surprise. Set back in 2018, the brand has successfully removed all single-use packaging and products from their collection in just three years.

    From the fully recyclable Evercalm range to the launch of an innovative aluminium sampling technology, a dedicated team of planet-concious dermatologists and packaging experts have cleaned up REN’s supply chain in record time.

    “We are the first luxury cosmetic brand to meet this pledge and in doing so, we’ve repurposed 45 tonnes of plastic that would have ended in landfill,” starts David Delport, Global Brand Ambassador and leading force in the journey to no waste.

    How has REN made it to zero waste?

    From governments to start-ups, ‘zero’ commitments are being made constantly these days. Normally, people pledge to clean up supply chains by 2035 or become net-zero by the end of the decade. Remarkably, REN has managed to hit zero waste in less than five years, here’s how…

    Speaking exclusively to Marie Claire Delport says, “Sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest impact. We’ve re-engineered every single REN product pack to be made from recycled material, designed for recyclability, or refillable/reusable.” 

    The team started by stopping the use of single-use sachets across their entire product line back in 2018. This saved 4.4 million of these pesky plastics from entering landfill. They have always worked in tandem with global recycling guidelines to stop 16 tonnes from harming the planet.

    REN is no stranger to collaboration. It is the first beauty brand to work with LOOP, a recycling programme and it set up the #WeAreAllies campaign. The team have even worked with charities like The Surfrider Foundation too. This has been key to propelling the brand towards its zero waste goal. Delport explains: “We’re all in this together and while competition is healthy, when it comes to the planet, collaboration is more important. We’re currently working on the second wave of #WeAreAllies with exciting brands joining the alliance!”

    What can REN do now?

    Believe me, the skincare innovators aren’t putting the brakes on when it comes to eco-conscious beauty strategies. When I spoke with David, his passion for keeping the brand’s foot on the pedal was clear. He concludes: “We never stop! We constantly update and improve; REN is a restless brand that way. We will continue to look at packaging improvements and we are also casting a lens over ingredient sustainability and upcycling. Even our distribution and shipping practises are being reviewed too.”

    The brand’s newly appointed CEO, Michelle Brett, said: “I am looking forward to working with the team to help continue the next phase of Clean to Planet, Clean to Skin. The highly efficacious formulas combined with the zero waste commitment, now more than ever, are relevant and important to consumers and the planet.”

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