Reviewed: The 15 Best Laura Mercier Products, Hands Down

I won’t lie to you, using any Laura Mercier product makes me feel incredibly French. They just give you that effortless, lit-from-within glow and I turn to them any time I’d like to catch that kind of vibe for the day. Whether you’d like lighter coverage or simply want to add a little pop of color to your cheeks in the morning, boy has Laura Mercier got something for you.

Obviously, I’m not the only one who’s taken by them. Makeup artists will never stop buying them either. I have my own staples I’ll never go without, but of course, I had to pick their brains about their favorites, too. Both Melissa Hurkman and Cara Lovello were happy to weigh in. Scroll through below for all the best Laura Mercier products, according to two celebrity makeup artists and one very obsessed beauty editor.

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