The 18 Best Night Creams in 2022

I’ll just be straight with you: I’m a complete fiend for night cream. I just love the fact that whatever your concerns may be, there’s a night cream for that. Now, I know you all enjoy drugstore contenders (and so do I), but today, I’m here to make a case for the higher-end options. Why? Simple—they really work.

Thankfully, as a beauty editor, I’ve had the opportunity to try plenty and can confidently say I’ve found a few that I think are 100% worth the money. If my skin could actually talk, she (yes, she’s a she) would tell you just how appreciated these creams are for restoring her radiance, plumping those fine lines, and providing extra hydration for those drier months. If you’re willing to make room in your budget for one of these babies, scroll through below for all my picks.

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