The dress code for meeting the Queen is super strict

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  • If you thought the royals had a super strict dress code (they famously aren’t allowed to wear diamonds before 6pm, and must always travel with a black outfit), then wait ’til you hear what you have to wear if you are ever invite to attend an event with them.

    In a video on The Royal Family’s Channel on YouTube, Lucy Hume, Head of Content at Debrett’s, explained there a strict rule you need to follow when meeting the Queen or any other member of the royal family.

    For example, formal events require you to be dressed up to the nines, and not just any party dress will do.

    She explains, ‘You would be looking at a dress code like white tie, which is similar to black tie that we’d see on the red carpet but the bowtie is white and it has a wing collar for men, and for that dress code women would be expected usually to wear a long formal evening gown.

    ‘Black tie is a shorter dinner jacket for men and a black bow tie, women can wear a trouser suit or a cocktail dress. And then we come down to lounge suit which is what you would be familiar with wearing to the office. And then smart casual.’

    If you were invited to Buckingham Palace during the day, you would need to wear something formal, but not as formal as black tie – something similar to what you would wear to a wedding.

    And of course, at all moments you must dress demurely. ‘There are certain events within the formal social season, for example Royal Ascot, that dictates that women’s dresses should come below the knee and shoulders covered,’ Lucy says.

    You basically don’t want to be showing too much skin, or ever wear anything casual in the presence of royals. Duly noted.

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