This Crystal Trend Is Completely Taking Over Our Feeds

As someone who is drawn to bedazzled anything like a moth to a flame, I didn’t need long to realize that my Instagram feed has gotten very sparkly as of late. And by sparkly, I mean crystals upon crystals adorning everything from bags to bras. A detail that may have once been considered tacky is now cool thanks in large part to It brands like Prada and Gucci (and the influencers who love them).

As far as “pretty” trends go (every season has them), I challenge you to find a current one that’s more pleasing to the eye than a well-made piece of clothing or accessory that’s adorned with them—either subtly or in full force. If you’re still not convinced that they’re actually wearable and not just for prom night, scroll on to see a fraction of the crystal-accented Instagram posts in my feed, and shop some of the most stunning crystal pieces on the market. This year is already looking sparkly.

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