This Luxury Skincare Routine Cured My Dry Winter Skin

For someone who has sensitive skin—in my case, that means rosacea and a tendency for tightness and dehydration—winter can be rough. The cold temperatures, the low humidity, and the gusty air all wreak havoc on my vulnerable moisture barrier. And despite my best efforts to prevent excess redness and irritation, sometimes it gets the better of me, and I’m left with an unhappy complexion and an equally unhappy expression looking back at me in the mirror. 

Now, before this takes a “woe is me” turn for the worst, I must concede something. I am a beauty editor. That means I’m lucky enough to have access to some truly esteemed skincare brands and experts. I’m also lucky enough to turn to these esteemed brands and experts when the state of my skin is in flux. 

One of those brands is Violet Grey, and one of those experts is Sarah Brown. The former is known as “the industry’s beauty edit,” as it curates a selection of sought-after beauty products that have been vetted by industry experts (think dermatologists, aestheticians, makeup artists, and more). The latter is the former beauty director of Vogue and the current executive director of the Violet Lab. Her job? She heads up the brand’s curation-and-testing committee, making sure that every product that hits Violet Grey’s shelves has been Violet Code approved. “The Violet Grey seal of approval means that it has been vetted not only by me and my team but by our community of experts,” she says. “These are world-renowned pros from across the spectrum of beauty, wellness, and fitness.” 

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