Tinashe Isn’t Here to Make Hits—She’s Building a Legacy

It takes time for our lives to align exactly the way we envisioned them to be—a lesson that singer, songwriter, dancer, and producer Tinashe has embraced fully at this stage in her career. You may know the star for her rhythmic fusion of pop, alternative, and R&B in bops like “2 On,” “All Hands on Deck,” and “Throw a Fit,” but the artist’s work extends beyond a list of Billboard Hot 100 hits. Tinashe’s career has been years in the making. From the tender age of 5, she was called to perform. She started as an actress, appearing in a handful of films and TV shows, but at the age of 15, she decided to pursue music full-time. While it took her a few years to break into the industry, her buzzy debut mixtape, In Case We Die, landed her a record deal and set her on the path to this moment. 

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